How To Make The Perfect Cookie, Every Time

Cookies can be a bit of a pain to make at times. You may find that your dough is too thick, too runny or the shapes aren't forming. Sometimes they come out of the oven anything but round and they don't look party-perfect after all. Well, here at Gookie, we're PROS when it comes to anything cookie related so here is how to get that perfect chocolate chip cookie every time (or you could just buy a tub here and not have to worry about the mixture).

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Use two kinds of chocolate chips 

At least two, may we add. Having two types or two shapes of chocolate in a cookie will mean that the varied taste makes them more interesting and chocolatey. Sounds like common sense but you'll be surprised how many people don't. 

Strategically place the chocolate chips

Sometimes putting loads of chocolate chips into the cookie dough can be great but the cookies end up looking as if they have nothing in them. Boring! Take a few chocolate chips from the mixture and intentionally place a few extra into the top. They'll look extra gooey and melty. 

Beating the egg

It's essential to not over-beat your egg. The recipe states that for a reason. Just a little beating with the sugar and butter will be enough. Did you know that over-beating will make the cookie stiffer? Big no! 

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Flour ratio 

If you're worried about the consistency of the dough, add a bit of extra flour, especially if you used melted butter. Sometimes the amount of flour in a recipe doesn't match the batch you are making. You know you've got it perfect when the dough pulls away from the sides of the bowl slightly. It can be hard to tell when using an electric whisk so if the dough is stuck around the bowl and feels slightly wet, add a spoonful of flour. Keep adding until the dough becomes soft and try to touch and pulls into a dough ball at the centre when mixing. 

All about butter 

First up, use salted butter. Melt the butter but then bring it back to room temperature until it's almost a soft solid. Patience is key and it will make a difference to your mixture. The key to the tasty dough is good butter and correctly prepared ingredients.  

How do you make a perfect batch of cookie dough? Let us know in the comments below. Don't really care? Gookie Dough is here to save the day. *Helpful tips from Pinch of Yum*