Doughnuts and Cookie Dough?

Calorific diabetes deliciousness alert! Cookie dough is going up in the world, and this is a whole new level of mind-blown. Cookie dough doughnuts. What a mouthful (quite literally)!  Not only is this recipe super creative, but it's also saving you time by using canned biscuits as a doughnut base. Who has time to get the yeast and have the issue of rising? So obviously canned biscuits don't give the exact taste of freshly fried doughy doughnuts, but they are so adaptable and perfect as a cheat method. Adding any flavour of icing gives you that gorgeous texture. And with cookie dough added to the mix, you can't complain! Let's do this!


You will need:

Three canned biscuits of your choice (not overly flaky) 
One monster tub of Gookie Dough, the flavour of your choice 
2 cups of vegetable oil 
Chocolate frosting (either pre-made or homemade), melted 
Mini chocolate chips 


Firstly, pour your oil into a large, deep skillet and heat over a medium heat. While this is happening, flatten each biscuit into a large circle by using the palm of your hand. Take a tablespoon sized scoop of Gookie Dough and place it in the centre of the cookie you have just squished. 

Next, pull up the edges of the circle to the centre and pinch the seal to secure. Roll the biscuit doughnut in hands to make it a rounded shape and ensure that the Gookie Dough is tightly tucked away inside. Drop the biscuits into the oil and fry for 1-2 minutes on each side, they cook very fast so be careful. 

The colouring of them should be golden brown but not burnt! Once complete, drain the biscuits onto a paper towel lined plate or wire rack. Once cooled, dip into the melted chocolate frosting. Decorate with sprinkles and chocolate pieces. Get creative! 

How very sinful. Be we love it! Extremely rich and incredibly moreish. Now it's February, that January diet has definitely gone out of the window. Anything fried with cookie dough has to be scrumptious.