Upcycle Your Gookie Dough Pots | Planters

When finishing a tub of Gookie Dough, the main thought that goes through your head is to pop it in the bin and that's the end of it. However, have you ever thought that our tubs could actually be way more useful to you? Here at Gookie Dough, we're going to start a blog series which tells you how to recycle your pots and handy little hacks which shall benefit you! Today, we're talking about a DIY knotted rope hanging planter. 

(Image credit: ETSY) 

You need: 

Grab your Gookie Dough empty containers which have been washed out and the label removed 
String, twine, cotton, hemp or nylon
Plants of your choice 
Sand/pebbles for plant drainage 
Potting soil 

What to do 

(Image credit: Pinterest) 

Cut your twine or string into eight equal lengths which are approximately 24-34 inches and knot the ends. Lay out the string on a flat surface and divide the eight strings into 4 pairs. Knot each pair 3 inches from the base. Take the two ends (left and right) and knot them as well to complete the circle. 
Continue creating knots by repeating this step 2-4 inches about your first row of knots. Do this by knotting together two strings from alternating rows so that the second row consists of the opposite pair of strings. 


(Image credit: Inhabit) 

Test the size of your knotted hanger by draping it over the Gookie Dough pot and continue if needed. Now plant your plant. Add a layer of sand or pebbles to the bottom of the container and cover the pebbles with a layer of soil and gently add the plant. 

Now gently pull your new knotted spring plant hanger up over your recycled container. The final step you need to knot all eight strands together at the top for hanging. Add a hook to hang from a window or shelf. (Credit: Inhabit.com) 

A stylish and minimalistic look to your home and perfect if you have a lot of wall space!