7 Food Facts That Will Encourage You To Eat Healthily

Ever eat that whole monster tub of Gookie Dough and feel the dreaded guilt? Want to eat healthily but know that your stomach feels differently. We all know the feeling, and it's a hard battle when you're built for comfort food, not rabbit food. However, these are a few foodie facts that might make you get up and pull yourself together (also, there's nothing wrong with eating a whole monster tub of Gookie Dough in moderation, of course).

Microwave Equals Good 

So, your Mum always lectured you about how you shouldn't reheat your food and you should cook from scratch. The inner student inside of you can finally prove her wrong. So, steaming vegetables in a microwave with a cup of water is a lot more beneficial than other cooking techniques as not as many nutrients are lost. 

We Love Leftovers 

Leading on from the microwave situation, it's proven that leftovers taste better. How? Because science says so, it's not all in your head after all! Chemical reactions take place when food is left in the fridge which means that new flavour molecules develop. The result? Extra deliciousness. 

Egg Yolks 

We love that yellow gooey goodness in the centre of our beloved egg. And guess what? The yolk of the egg contains all the vitamins and minerals which are vital for the body. Don't exclude your whites entirely because they're packed with protein. At the end of the day, just eat eggs! 

There are 10,000 different types of apple 

We don't know who's had the time to sit there and count every unique kind of apple, but it's a cool fact. Apples vary in size, shape, flavour and colour; some may be sweet while others can be a little more on the tart side. Either way, move over Golden Delicious.


Where do tomatoes grow? In a greenhouse. So why do we pop them in the fridge after they've ripened and we've just bought them from the supermarket? When tomatoes are put in cold temperatures, they lose their ability to fully develop their delicious flavour which is why they can appear bland.

Lemons are full of sugar

Lemonade is sweet, but we add tonnes of unnatural sugar or sweeteners into the process which is why it tastes so delicious. However, did you know that lemons contain way more sugar than a strawberry? The mind is blown! However, the reason we don't notice is that the high levels of citric acid counteract the sugar levels and make lemons super sour.

Spicy Foods Are The Way To A Prolonged Life

Say what? Some people would disagree and state that technically, too much spicy food is bad for us and in a way, we agree. But according to studies, eating one spicy dish daily can reduce the risk of death by 14%. This is due to bioactive ingredients that maintain healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Boom! 

Inspired to try out some more healthy dishes? Found some kitchen hacks and proof due to the magical knowledge of science? If you have any more foodie tips, then let us know in the comments below!