Our cookie dough is made with the most luxurious gourmet ingredients. From the finest Belgian Chocolate to British Craft Sugar, you can treat yourself with the comfort of knowing these tubs of heaven have been produced sustainably.

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What makes Snackcidents sustainable?

We believe in sustainability & therefore we are committed to using only ingredients and materials that will not damage the environment. Like British Craft Sugar, a locally grown ingredient & lightweight 100% recyclable packaging that reduces our carbon footprint and can be upcycled for other uses or recycled into other materials.

How is your cookie dough manufactured?

We have opened our very own factory in Nottingham to ensure we control the quality of our products right throughout the manufacturing process. Everything is hand-weighed, mixed and portioned before being packaged by hand so you know that each jar of cookie dough has received just as much love & attention as the last.

Are you hungry yet?

Now you know how we started, try it for yourself and see what all the fuss is about...

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