Amazing Kitchen Gadgets You Need

iPhones, laptops, cameras and robots have swarmed the world. We're living in an era of technology but it doesn't have to mean that the limit is how fast your phone can text or how much storage a device can hold. What about the kitchen gadgets? Here is amazing technical cutlery you need to help you eat that Gookie Dough! 

3 in 1 Breakfast Centre 

(Image credit: Amazon by Maxi-Matic) 

Starting off loud and proud here! Start your morning right by enjoying freshly brewed coffee, toast and eggs in one device. This magical goodie features a toaster oven with a 15-minute timer control, an indicator light, a 4 cup max coffeemaker with a swing-out filter and a six-inch frying griddle. Enough with the messing around, breakfast doesn't have to be complicated. 

Ice cream lock 

(Image credit: Amazon by Ben & Jerry's) 

If you're lucky enough to have some willpower and don't consume a whole pint of ice cream in one sitting, then go you. However, welcome to the real world where us adults can't control ourselves because life is too difficult. If you have that one person in your household who will eat anything and everything in sight, including your favourite tub then you need this ice cream pint lock protector.  The three-digit super secret combo means that you won't have to worry about greedy hands ever again. Maybe we could create a Gookie Dough one! 

Ice cream sandwich press

(Image credit: 

So, the amount of Gookie Dough ice cream sandwiches we have given you, this will be extremely handy. This set of ice cream presses come in different shapes so you are able to make mini sandwiches with our Dough! Simply press the base onto a cookie and gently push the cookie inward and then use the tube to scoop ice cream into the centre. Press down on another cookie to complete and use the plunger to push it out. Magical. 

Muffin top cupcake cases 

 (Image credit: Amazon by S-Tech) 

That muffin top you have? Do not worry, they're actually delicious. The muffin top cupcake moulds have a cute design of denim jeans to add more to the muffin top effect. Once the cake batter rises, the muffin top look begins. Adorable and really brings out the builders bum! 

What gadget or gift are you wanting to purchase?