Baking Equipment 101

So, you're stood in IKEA and there is a bunch of spatulas in front of you. Do you need them all? Just one? Why are there wooden and plastic spoons? The questions are endless. Welcome to baking equipment 101, where us at Gookie Dough tell you the ins and outs of utensils. 

(Image credit: Mason Cash) 


No oven is the same, it's annoying but true. The first rule of baking is to ensure that the temperature is just right because this means the end result will be perfect. Oven thermometers are designed to stand or hang on an oven rack. Since the temperature inside an oven can vary from one place to another, the position of the thermometer on the oven rack is important. It's usually recommended to keep the thermometer right next to the baking tray for the most accurate reading. 

Then, there are candy thermometers. These are used to test the temperature during the cooking of jams, jellies and candies. It has an adjustable clip so it can rest against the side of a large pan. 


Spatulas are used for a variety of things such as lifting and turning goods or even spreading fillings and frostings. There is the straight edge spatula, the pancake turner and the rubber spatula. 

The straight edge spatula is like a knife but doesn't have a sharp edge. It is used for spreading frostings and can be used when measuring ingredients to level off or remove excess from a measuring cup. 

The pancake turner is wide at the base which picks up the food and is used to remove baked goods from baking trays such as your Gookie Dough cookies. The sharp edge cuts the cookie from the sheet. 

The rubber spatula has a wooden or plastic handle with a flexible rubber paddle. It is great for scraping excess batter off the sides of a bowl.


(Image credit: Pop Sugar) 

You've spent a lifetime lining trays and pans but did you know there are different types and when to use a certain one? Liners are great for transferring and are a godsend when it comes to non-stick. 

Parchment paper is a heavy grease and moisture resistant paper, it's great for cookies, pizzas and cakes. Extremely versatile. Wax paper is semitransparent paper with a coating of wax on both sides. It is good for covering food and lining baking pans. 

Tin foil is an amazing barrier to moisture, air and odours and can withstand heat and cold. It can come in regular weight for wrapping food and heavy duty which is perfect for freezer storage and lining grills. 

Cheesecloth, probably the least known. A lightweight and natural cotton cloth that doesn't fall apart when wet. It can strain liquids, form a packet for herbs that can be popped into soups and can come in fine and coarse weaves. 

They say you should learn something new every day. So, what have you learnt? Just call us professor Gookie!