Cookie Dough Freakshakes

Freakshakes are a summer must-have! 

The idea with freakshakes is to pile up as much of everything as you possibly can (Gookie Dough!!). In other words, it doesn’t matter what you use as long as you use lots of it. Here are our favourite shakes! 

Cookie Crumble

A cookie dough coated glass with pieces of crushed cookie topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, two generous sized cookies and a dash of chocolate chips. You're definitely going to need a spoon for that one!

Messy dough

(Image credit: Picbear) 

Is that a doughnut I see? As if the freakshake wasn't enough, you even get a side of marshmallows. That's my kind of cafe. Cookie dough mixture drips down the side of the glass with delightful clumps of chocolate chips. Just like licking the bowl when you were a child. Give us all those childhood memories (spray cream for the win)! 

A gift from the Gods 

(Image credit: Not On The Highstreet) 

That's right, you can make this bad boy yourself with a 'make your own freakshake' recipe kit. This freakshake kit includes all the dry ingredients to make the shake including chocolate powder, caramel and chocolate sauce, toffee popcorn and super chunky straws - just add milk, ice cream, 1 egg and butter and make 4 crazy shakes! The cookies? Bake our triple chocolate fudge Gookie Dough flavour for 12 minutes at 180 degrees! Deliciously gooey. 

New York Cookie Cup Explosion 


(Image credit: Food and Wine) 

Edoughble, Unbaked: A Cookie Dough Bar and Cookie Dough Creamery are among the many places capitalising on the sugary menu wave in New York City. Delights so messy that you even need it to be served on an additional plate. If this isn't a reason to travel to Times Square then I don't know what is. The picture speaks a thousand words alone. 

Which will tickle your fancy and be your potion? How is it even possible to decide! Get thinking, Gookie Lovers and let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear your thoughts.