Cookie Jewellery Goals

Summer calls for statement pieces with festivals at their prime and celebrities going all out when it comes to their concerts. We thought we'd accessorise a bit and add a dash of sparkle to our style with these gorgeous cookie related pieces and they look good enough to eat! 


The bourbon is known to be one of the British classics so why not have it swinging from your wrist or placed neatly against your chest. Give in to your sweet tooth with the 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Bourbon Biscuit Charm. A beautiful 18kt yellow gold vermeil bourbon biscuit is specially engraved with the word BOURBON to create a luxurious biscuit charm that looks almost good enough to eat. (From Earnest Jones). 


We're loving these super adorable party rings which guess what, are actually rings! Bright, colourful and they look good enough to eat. The ring is also adjustable so fits any size and is glossed to give it the realistic biscuit look. This is why we love Etsy. 


Everyone's favourite dunker the Rich Tea biscuit hence its name! This rich tea will never drop into your tea or get soggy. This silver Rich Tea charm necklace is perfect for the biscuit lover or the tea drinker. The necklace disc design is currently on trend, and only on closer inspection will the biscuit design be revealed! The Rich Tea pendant is available in 2 flavours, sterling silver and 24-carat gold plate. (From



The Cookie Monster has nothing on you! This SCENTED chocolate chip cookie is good enough to eat.  Temptingly realistic with glossy chunks of milk chocolate and cracked cookie dough (or Gookie Dough), this kooky cookie charm necklace is just begging to be nibbled. Take a moment to savour its delicious appeal; a bite-size ¾ inch chocolate cookie charm laced with that unmistakable scent of warm cookie dough and chocolate. Who can resist? (From, note that this is an American website) 

Are you as hungry as we are? Who needs perfume if you're smelling as fresh as a chocolate chip cookie? Make sure you grab one of these statement gems this season along with a tub of our Gookie Dough and it's sure to be a match made in heaven.