Revamping Your Workspace With Cookies

Back to the grind as per and we're bored at staring at a computer screen with a blank word document or excel spreadsheets that are driving us insane. Why don't you spice up your desk and bring some stationary in which is ultimate goals?  Cookie scented pens, oreo style pencil cases and notebooks which are adorable. That's right, we're mad for cookies. 

#1 Pencil Case 

Cookie dough snacks alert. Okay, so the pencil case may be a little misleading because the disappointment will hit when you find no cookies inside but how can you say no to those smiling faces? Stationary will be stored in style. (WHSmith £2.99) 

#2 Notepad of dreams  

Busy schedule and struggling to remember all of those meetings and that damn dentist appointment. We feel the pain. However, maybe this personal planner on your desk will help people realise that to cheer you up, all they need to do is pass you a cookie. That meeting may not drag so much after all! Just remember to clean your teeth before the dentist, of course. ( £19.95) 

#3 Cookie Paperclip 

Maybe these are what Gookie Dough cookies look like when they've been baked? This is Celia the cookie who is a paperclip and she loves clipping onto planners, diaries, being used as a bookmark and holding together the important things (your life). (Etsy £2.50) 

#4 That Takes The Biscuit 

Beautiful high-quality coasters which are perfect as a gift or protecting your desk from ring marks and reminding you that you need a biscuit with that warm cuppa. The design is vibrant and colourful, certainly a wow-factor to your boring pine desk. Need one? (eBay £3.99) 

 #5 Scented Pens  

Nothing quite like your tummy rumbling when the clock is nearly at 12. Maybe this pen will keep that grumbling settled because a pen that is scented with cookies has landed. The scent is embedding in the grip so each time you pick it up, the aroma will meet your nostrils. Chocoholics you've been warned, you will be forever sniffing and never be writing! ( $3.95) 

You can thank us for your desk makeover later because you're 10/10 going to look scrumptious!