Fancy Food Terms

When talking about Gookie Dough, it's basically exactly what it says on the tin (apart from the change of one letter). However, do you ever go out to a restaurant or hear that fancy chef on TV say something repetitively, and you seriously have no clue what they're on about? What happened to simplicity?! Find out what all of those terms mean here so you can now brag to everyone that you genuinely are posh (the next Mary Berry, of course).  

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What is a tartare? 

Some form of dessert or pastry crust? You would be wrong. This is a dish of seasoned raw meat which is usually beef. It can be topped with egg yolk and served with bread or crackers. Oh, and a pro tip, don't get confused with tartar sauce because that could be a bit awkward at the table.

What is crème brûlée?

Okay, so an easier one after we started off being a bit cruel. If you've had one of these gorgeous dishes, then you're bound to know the answer! A little hint? Tubby custard. That's right; this is a sweet custard which is topped with caramelised sugar. Very fancy and even more delicious. Oh, how we love the French. 

What is a consommé?

Say what? Yeah, I have no clue. My Grandmother probably wouldn't be very proud right now! So, the answer is a clear soup. You know, like that chicken noodle soup that you have when you're sick? Basically, a classy word of saying see-through soup! 

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What does chiffonade mean? 

No, it's not that silky smooth fabric, chiffon. Sadly! However, I guess you can relate the result to ribbon. Sounds like a riddle, am I right? So, chiffonade means to cut leafy vegetables or herbs into thin ribbons. Would you like chiffonaded lettuce with that, my darling?


AMUSING! No, all jokes aside, if you can guess this one right then I applaud you! This is something you will experience if you're paying £800 for a dish. An amuse bouche is a small, free (it should be at that price) bite of food to start a meal. It's a way for chefs to give a little something extra but also set the tone for the meal. Food is an art, after all. 

What is a quenelle?

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This sounds very elegant. It's either one of the following:

a) a knife cut that is like a super small dice
b) a football shape
c) a spice used in desserts 
d) something cooked in oil 
If you said B then you're correct! A quenelle is a football-shaped scoop of food which is usually ice cream or other dessert goodies. It also refers to a poached dumpling made out of minced meat. Does anyone want a quenelle of red velvet Gookie Dough? 
So, what fancy words do you know that we should learn? We hope you've educated you! Now you can go to France and know exactly what you're asking for when it comes to a crème brûlée! 
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