Fruit Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Food is weird and wonderful. Whether it's fruits, veggies, sweets or super synthetic stuff, it's pretty cool. Today we're all about food for thought and these food facts are guaranteed to blow your mind, trust us!

Grapes and microwaves 

First of all, we'd like to wonder who even thought about putting grapes into the microwave. What is the benefit? They won't taste any better. So, a warning is that apparently, it will ruin your microwave. When you cut a single grape in half and leave the halves connected by the skin it will heat up and release steam where the microwave radiation is most energetic. The steam will turn into plasma and within seconds, the grape has burst into flames. SCIENCE! 

Potatoes are the key to Wi-Fi 

Potatoes have high water content and chemical makeup which are able to absorb and reflect radio and wireless signals. Next time you see that weird viral picture of some guy holding a potato on a train, he has a good reason! Remember when pet potatoes were a thing? Like, why? 

Oranges aren't naturally orange 

Oranges which grow in tropical climates will never get cold enough to break down chlorophyll in the skin which means they'll become yellow or green when ripe. Imported oranges tend to get treated with ripening agent gas to make them orange. 

Cloned Bananas 

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits, however, they're actually mass produced. Yes, the Cavendish banana doesn't contain seeds and it can survive longer than other banana types so it is then cloned by farmers. Magic.

Scammed with wasabi 

When in the USA or other Western countries, you may not know that some wasabi you eat is not actually real. Sounds a little confusing but in fact, it is made out of coloured horseradish. This is because real wasabi is expensive. 

Fruit loops 

If you haven't tried fruit loops then you're missing out (a bit like if you haven't tried Gookie Dough). However, time to ruin your childhood with a bit of factual knowledge. Every colour fruit loop tastes exactly the same. Your head will associate the name with fruit kinds which then links the colour to a fruit. You'll think that the orange ones actually taste like oranges. It's strange what your mind can make you believe.

There you have it, mind blown. If you're willing to challenge us to 'who has the best fact about food?' then come and educate us in the comments, don't be scared! *Some facts adapted from Buzzfeed*