Gookie Dough Pop Tarts

Cookie dough pop tarts are the real deal and make breakfast that extra bit special. However, sometimes you may be disappointed at the lack of filling and chocolate chips. we have your back so you'll never be pop-tart disappointed again. This is how you make Gookie Dough pop tarts, homemade and to absolute perfection. 

(Image credit: Babble) 

You will need:

(For the tart and filling) 

One monster tub of Gookie Dough in a flavour of your choice

Four refrigerated pie crusts at room temperature

One beaten egg

(For the glaze) 

Two tablespoons of butter, melted 

220g of icing sugar

One/two tablespoons of heavy cream

One tablespoon of brown sugar

One teaspoon of vanilla extract

Mini semisweet chocolate chips 


(Image credit: Copy Me That) 

Roll out each pie crust into a big square and then cut the square into four smaller squares. Take one square and brush the surface with your beaten egg. 

Take your Gookie Dough and flatten out a small ball out in the palm of your hand and try to make a square shape. Pop the dough onto your pie crust. Brush another square pie crust with egg wash and then place in egg wash side down on top of the cookie dough square. 

Grab the sides of the tart together so it is secure and place it on a prepared baking tray. Repeat these steps with the other 7 pop tarts. 

Brush the tops of all the pop tarts with remaining egg wash and press the edges down with a fork to create a realistic look. Pierce two holes in the tops of the pastries to help them vent in the oven. 

Bake for about 20-25 minutes or until golden-brown. Allow cooling.

For the glaze, combine the melted butter, icing sugar, heavy cream, brown sugar and vanilla until it forms into a thick glaze which you can still pour. Pour the glaze over the cooled pop tarts and sprinkle with your mini chocolate chips. Store in an airtight container at room temperature but best eaten the same day. 

Breakfast goals! How to complete this gorgeous dish? Add a splash of chocolate sauce and perhaps a side of ice cream. Dessert for breakfast should never be frowned upon. *Recipe inspiration from Food Fanatic*