Health Benefits of Cookie Dough

You may eat our product and feel a sense of guilt that you've chosen us over an apple or because you promised you'd start that diet on Monday and you've said that for six weeks in a row but it's okay. Cookie dough isn't always bad for you and you'll be glad to hear that there are in fact, some health benefits. 

Cookie dough contains nutrients such as carbohydrates from starch, protein from flour, energy from butter, fat from oil, sodium from salt and potassium. So, based on the nutritional content of cookie dough, here's what we found out. 

(Image credit: Epicurious) 

Gives a sense of satisfaction 

When you eat some cake, cookies or any other treat, you will feel full. This is because there are carbohydrates in the cookie dough that causes satiety in the stomach. It's almost like when you eat rice or pasta and feel full almost instantly. 

Adds energy

Cookies are the perfect snack if you have a lot of activity in the morning. So, bake that Gookie Dough and feel refreshed, ready to take on the day! 

Metabolism and body cells

To produce a stable metabolism, you need protein. A good metabolism means that the process of digesting food is optimal and you will get your body healthier. Protein becomes a good intake to produce and replace damaged cells in the body so don't worry about the flour, it's doing some good! 

(Image credit: Tastemade) 

Improving bone health 

To nourish your bones, calcium and potassium need to be taken in. Cookie dough has moderate levels of potassium so bake that dough and dip it in some milk. That's right, the delicious treat can prevent osteoporosis. Certainly a win-win situation. 

Maintaining brain health

Potassium in cookie dough also maintains the health of the brain. It is crucial because it helps carry oxygen to the brain and works so the nerves are working effectively. Interesting stuff! 

Next time you're licking the bowl and spoon clean and you're thinking about how you're failing that diet, don't worry. The health benefits outweigh the guilt! *Source*