How To Make Sugared Rose Petals

With blossom as our current inspiration, we thought we'd add a splash of colour to your kitchen with rose petals. Eating roses seems a little odd, but it dates back centuries and is an exquisite yet elegant way to dress up your dessert and presentation when dishing up! They taste exactly how a rose smells, and it gives a sweet crunch. So, let's get stuck in the unique recipe, shall we?

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You will need

(For the sugared rose petals)

One pasteurised egg white beaten with a little water 

Granulated sugar 

Fragrant rose petals which are well rinsed and patted dry 

A small watercolour brush 

(For the rose sugar) 

Fragrant rose petals 


A presentable jar 


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Ensure that your rose petals are pesticide free and remove the bottom white tip of each rose petal and throw away. The tips have a bitter flavour which isn't the greatest! Next, paint both sides of each rose petal with the egg wash, simple syrup or a prepared meringue powder. 

Sprinkle sugar on the prepared petals on both sides and set on a piece of parchment paper to let dry overnight. Use your candied petals as edible decorations for your Gookie Dough and store them in the freezer! 

To make rose sugar, make sure your roses are organic and remove the bottom white tip of each rose petal. Sprinkle sugar into the bottom of your jar and sprinkle a layer of rose petals over it. Layer more sugar and rose petals until the jar is filled. Store in a cool place for several weeks. When you open the jar, there will be a gorgeous floral scent. Remove the petals before using. You can use this sugar to add flavour to pastries, cookies and confections or stir into tea or lemonade. Gorgeous for summer! 

Romantic, elegant, floral and a wonderful twist on your favourite treats. There are endless possibilities when it comes to spring so dig in and enjoy, wake up and smell the roses! Credit to: