National Cupcake Week

Bakers and cupcake lovers across the country have been celebrating National Cupcake Week which runs from the 17th-23rd of September. The nine-year-old event has seen some mesmerising cupcake creations and we're in awe at the delicious buttercream delights. In 2017, we saw Irn Bru flavoured cupcakes and edible cupcake bouquets! So, what surprises are there this year? 

Poppin' away!

(Image credit: The Telegraph) 

We kick things off with a little simplicity but that doesn't stop it from being delicious. The carefully placed popcorn and toffee sauce looks delightful and we're sure that this is a major hit! This beauty is from London's Crumbs and Dollies store. We're just wondering if the sponge is also popcorn flavoured?

Rosie Roses 

(Image credit: British Baker) 

These Blush Cupcakes from Perth are extraordinary. The delicacy that has gone into making these and the realism makes us not want to eat them and just stare! Struggling for a wedding bouquet? No problem, an edible one to walk you down the aisle will be just fine.  

Smartie Pants 

We're blown away by @tommylovescakewirral over on Instagram! Smarties are a blast from the past and you're never too old to enjoy a tube. We're loving the defying gravity action, is this some kind of magic? Are we in Harry Potter? Please, tell us your secrets.

Underwater Gems 

Purely stunning. Mermaids are in and these cupcakes hit the nail on the head. Gorgeous colourful sponge with underwater icing shades with pearls and, of course, your classic starfish. The detailing in the mermaid's tail is making us squeal with delight! Credit to the wonderful @cakeangelsuk on Instagram. 

Eye, Cacti

Cacti that you don't have to worry about keeping alive. A plant that shall never die (well, in your mouth it may). We're getting major trend alert feels from these little pots. These are a work of art and look amazing! Enjoy the buttercream overload, after all, it's National Cupcake Week! Major credit to @thelittlecupofkindness on Instagram.

Rainbow Corn 

Duh, you can't have a National Cupcake Week blog post without the appearance of unicorns! Get your funfetti Gookie Dough out and start getting sprinkle-mad! This rainbow icing is ultimate goals and we're loving those lashes. Damn girl, you're on fire! Credit to @ruachdesigns on Instagram!

So, whip out your caster sugar, dust off your mixer and get baking! Have you been celebrating this week? Feel free to send us in your own images of your weird and wonderful pics!