Simple Cooking Tips That Everyone Should Know

Generations today lack knowledge when it comes to cooking. Recent information that has surfaced the media is the fact that they are now selling scrambled egg in a packet which is frozen. Sounds disgusting and if you're incapable of cracking an egg and whisking it then there is definitely something wrong. To restore faith in the generation, here are cooking tips that EVERYONE should know! 

Scrambled egg 

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We may as well kick off with this one seeing as we've touched the surface. Whether you make scrambled egg in the microwave or a pan, it's important that to make them extra creamy, you need to stir them constantly while they're on the pan. This breaks up pockets of egg for a restaurant-style creamy scramble. 

Allow meat to rest 

You've just cooked a banging bit of steak, you're starving and ready to dig in. Not so fast, speedy! When taking meat fresh off the grill, it will spill out all of the juices which contain the flavour. If you let it rest for 5-10 minutes, it'll lock in all the goodness. 

Salt pasta water 

You may have seen your Mum always do this but never knew why. By popping some salt in your pasta water, it allows the pasta to taste better because it helps bring out the flavour of the pasta sauce. Ooh, fancy! 

Freshen up cookies 

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This may be a good one for Gookie Dough cookies. Apparently, if you want to freshen up stale cookies, you should place a piece of bread in the cookie container (lol what?). The cookies soak up the bread's moisture. Are you as confused as we are? 

Bacon and flour 

If you're cooking baking, you're going to be a victim of the grease splatters that attack you and stain your favourite shirt. If you sprinkle flour on your bacon while it is cooking, it'll reduce the amount it spits and will also make the bacon extra crispy. Who even thinks of these hacks? 

Clumps of butter in the mixture  

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We've all made a dough and the butter won't cooperate. There's no chance it will calm down and mix in thoroughly and it can impact the end result. A pro tip is to use a cheese grater to get these mini chunks of butter!

Any more pro cooking tips that are simple yet revolutionary? Let us know in the comments below! *Facts adapted from Buzzfeed Food*