Sweet Facts About Sugar

Sugar is the main ingredient in our lives. It is in everything and provides us with the energy we need. However, here are some interesting facts about sugar that you may not know. 

(Image credit: Health Magazine) 


When we're born, the only taste we crave is sugar. Weird, right? Sugar is also one of the world's oldest ingredients. The sugar cane became used in around 8000 B.C. (don't ask me where they get the statistics from!). 


The tallest sugar cube tower measured six feet and ten inches and was built by Camille Courgeon of France on the 1st July 2013. This tower used a whopping 2,669 cubes and was built in just under three hours. 


A sugar addiction can be genetic (so you no longer have to blame yourself for giving into those sweet treats). Those who had genetic changes in a hormone called ghrelin consume more sugar and alcohol than those with no gene variation. In fact, sugar and alcohol have similar toxic effects on the liver. Liver damage can occur without excess calories or weight gain. 


Sugar is in a lot of products that you wouldn't expect. For example, it is found in tonic water, marinades, bread, dressings and tomato sauce. Heinz ketchup surprisingly has one teaspoon of sugar in each one tablespoon serving. 

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Sugar isn't the sweetest thing around. In fact, the sweetest compound ever known is something called lugduname and is over 20,000 times sweeter than sugar. Imagine that intense flavour.  


Sugar consumption is on the rise and it is thought that we consume the most sugar through regular soda drinks followed by sweets then cakes, cookies and pies then fruit drinks and finally, dairy desserts and milk along with other grains. 


Brazil is the world's largest producer of sugar cane but you'd be surprised that America or the UK isn't the largest consumer. In fact, it's India. 


In the 16th century, a teaspoon of sugar cost £3.77. Rather outrageous! Now you can grab a bag for next to nothing.  


Gooey chocolate chip Gookie Dough is our flavour that has the least amount of sugar. 

Pretty cool, right? Who knew that a simple ingredient could have so many facts. Let us know if we've missed any in the comments below! *Fact credit to factretretriever.com*