The Christmas Cup Rivalry

Halloween has long gone which means one thing, CHRISTMAS! Whether you're keeping your eye out for the John Lewis Christmas ad or you're procrastinating about shopping, there's one thing we can agree on. Christmas coffee cups. There's the ultimate rivalry every year about who will have the best design, and I'm a real Starbucks gal at heart!


(Image: Starbucks)

The queen of coffee has surprised us this year by providing us with our own lil' coffee cup to colour in (like we didn't need any more distraction at the office). The hand-drawn designs cover your coffee from head to toe, now this isn't art class of course, so just enjoy your Toffee Nut Latte and be done with it. The cup features a pair of hands which hold coffee cups and connects by ribbons and Christmassy goodness, very festive. Oh, and not to worry, you can get your winter sugar rush once again with the famous Eggnog Latte!


(Image: Costa)

Costa announced their Christmas takeaway cup this week along with their seasonal food and drink menu. This year, it's a bit of a collectors challenge (unless you're a student and drink 20 cups of coffee a day), as there are five different designs. These include a gingerbread man, an elf, a snowman, a Santa and a soldier!

Now here comes the hype, Billionaire's Hot Chocolate. Even the name sounds rich and luxurious. Layers of caramel sauce, shortbread crumbs and whipped cream. Bliss. However, if you need that caffeine boost due to a late night, then maybe the Billionaire's Latte is for you which is Belgian chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and a mocha blend. But hey! The excitement doesn't end there because your favourite chocolate bunny is here to make an appearance (just to remind you of Easter) that's right, Costa and Lindt are your BFF's and made a gorgeous hot chocolate.

We can't seem to understand why a chocolate fudge brownie Gookie Dough hot chocolate hasn't hit the menu yet?! Maybe next year. Which festive treat will you be indulging in this Christmas?