The Latest Trend: Cookie Dough Spaghetti

It's no surprise that cookie dough is a trend, it's the best thing in existence and keeps us sane! The creamy rich chocolate chips melting in your mouth while the crunchy yet smooth texture coats your tongue. Hungry yet? Well, we've jumped onto the breaking news bandwagon and have found a bizarre trend that even us Gookie makers can't get our heads around. Cookie dough spaghetti. 

(Image credit: Iowa State Fair)

Background information

So, in the USA (Des Moines, Iowa) there's a massive State Fair which is a fried food heaven and a cardiologist's worst nightmare. Imagine 200 stands of fried pork chops, corn dogs and burgers. ANYTHING! This year is slightly different though, it's more dessert based! 

The stall

(Image credit: Iowa State Fair, The Des Moines Register)

Sweets are becoming the main course for many and employees of Dipped in Chocolate are pros in cookie dough (not as pro as us, of course). The stall will contain chocolate dipped fruits, cookie dough balls and now the latest edition being cookie dough spaghetti. The dish looks as realistic as your spag bowl from the local Italian which is a bit of a mind boggle on the old taste buds. Cookie dough spaghetti is topped with a Ferrero Rocher as a meatball and the 'tomato sauce' is actually a strawberry sauce. 

Other foods

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Other stands that are making an appearance are ice cream nachos and beef sundaes (who even comes up with these combinations?!). Every year there are competitions of who can make up the weirdest but wonderful concoction. Whoever gets the most visitors is also the real deal. Popularity is key. Sometimes individuals who make up the mixtures can make a major breakthrough in the industry and sell their idea for up to a million dollars. Mind-blowing.  

This year, there are three finalists who are the brown sugar pork belly on a stick, the all Iowa belly up burger and the apple egg roll. Wow, fancy any of that? Maybe you'll stick to buying your Gookie Dough tubs after all.