The Most Disgusting Food Museum In The World

*WARNING: DISGUSTING CONTENT* Fancy a bite of cheese with maggots crawling around and dead mice floating in the red wine. No, we didn't think so. A new museum in Sweden is doing precisely that and dishing out the most disgusting food from all over the world. The creators behind the project of 'Malmo's Disgusting Food Museum' state that this isn't a freak show but proof that disgust is entirely subjective. 

(Image credit: Fotolia) 

Not for the faint-hearted 

The museum which is open now, allows you to stroll through 80 exhibits and you can try out smelling stations or look at various displays. There's a dish called Casu Marzu which is cheese from Sardinia which contains larvae of flies or how about balut from the Philippines which is eggs cooked with the half-developed embryo inside. Better yet, fried Tarantulas from Cambodia. 

So what about us? 

Surely there are foods displayed in that museum that are actually quite tasty to us? Yes, there are. Western food can seem extremely odd to eastern individuals. Haggis from Scotland makes an appearance along with smelly French Cheese. From the USA we can find root beer and various fast food examples (they do have some weird combinations, we must admit)! 

The museum also provides a strong message as on one of the shelves, a strip of bacon sits innocently with a pig statue with needles all over it to show how many antibiotics are given during farming. 

Real food 

The average museum usually has realistic models of individual objects, but this one is entirely different. In fact, most of the food is fresh and needs to be resupplied continuously, and some of the produce is difficult to retrieve or can be expensive. People can submit their ideas to the museum but it has to be real food and not just a novelty but also has to disgust many people. There are plans to take the exhibits on tour around the world as this is currently only open for three months. 

Overall, the aim of the project is to find the line between disgust and delicacy which can be very narrow. For instance, Marmite, you either love it or you hate it and the controversy will continue forever. I think we'll stick to our Gookie Dough as you can't really go wrong with a monster tub and a spoon in the other hand! *Source from*