Unicorn Fondant Cupcakes

Happy National Unicorn Day! To celebrate this magical, sassy and sparkly day, we've found the most adorable recipe that you'll love just as much as us. The best part? They're made from store-bought cupcakes (maybe cheating, but we're just too excited for the decorating!). 

*Image credit: bestfriendsforfrosting.com*

You will need: 

White fondant 
Pre-made cupcakes (YAS!)
A piping bag 
Pink gel food dye 
An edible black pen 
Edible gold stars 
Gold dust 
A circle shaped cookie cutter 
A small paint brush 
Funfetti cake batter Gookie Dough
Butter (Stork)
Icing sugar 


First of all, take your funfetti Gookie Dough and roll it into generous balls (one for each cupcake). The more sprinkles, the better, right?! Take an apple corer to make a hole in the middle so you can then insert the Gookie Dough, so it's in the centre of the cupcake. We apologise for the crumbs! 

Now it's time to get decorating! Roll out your white fondant and cut it into twelve circles, these will top the cupcakes and be the base of the face. You will also be using your fondant to create the unicorn ears and horn too! For the ears, take small pieces of the fondant and mould them into small oval shapes. Now, for the horn, take two pieces of fondant and wrap them around each other to make a plait effect, ensure that it is pointed at the top! Then take your toothpicks through the bottoms of the ears and horn. 

*Image credit: Miss Cupcakes* 

In a small bowl, mix together the gold dust and a small teaspoon of water to make gold paint. Paint the entire horn and inside of the unicorn ears. Place the fondant circles on top of the cupcakes and stick the horn and pair of ears into the fondant. Using the edible black pen, draw eyes and eyelashes, feel free to get creative and draw different facial expressions. One cannot draw so kept it simple! 

Make light pink buttercream frosting by adding one drop of pink gel dye to the white frosting (all you need is butter and icing sugar). Put the pink frosting into a piping bag and make a line across the top of the unicorn, just below the horn. Using the frosting, make tiny dots along the line to make a flower crown. Sprinkle gold stars and any sprinkles to create a super girly, majestic look! 

*Image credit: Bake Fresh Studio* 

How cute are they?! Enjoy for a birthday or over a cup of tea. Better yet, prosecco is the way to go! You can even go all fancy with that and add edible glitter, WOWEE!  

*Recipe inspiration to bestfriendsforfrosting.com*