Upcycle Your Gookie Dough Pots | Beauty Edition

When it comes to Gookie Dough pots, you'll be surprised with the number of things you can do to reuse them instead of throwing them away. We've got a blog series where we upcycle your cookie dough pots and today, we kick things off with the beauty edition. So, girls, a heads up because this one is for you (and guys, of course, especially if you're a contact lens wearer). Today, in particular, we focus on the monster tubs for all of those important bits. 

#1 Brushes 

Finding a makeup brush holder is a difficult challenge and when you come across one, you're put off by the price. However, how cute brushes look in a Gookie Dough tub? All you need to do is wash the pot out thoroughly and pop your brushes in. As simple as that! Of course, removing the label is optional but it will look better on your vanity without. The great thing is that the tub is rather large so you're able to access your brushes with ease. 

#2 Toiletry Holder 

When we have a bath or shower, we tend to get our products everywhere. Shampoo will be at one end while the shower gel is hiding behind endless empty bottles. If you have any mini-sized bottles of toiletries then pop them into the monster Gookie Dough tub and place them on your shelf in the bathroom. Not only will they save space but they'll all be together so no more searching for that body scrub! 

#3 Contact Lenses 

Contact lens wearers, the struggle can be real when travelling around with your contacts, especially with the solution, your contact pot and also extra contact lenses, especially if you wear daily disposables! To keep everything in one place and separate from your makeup bag, pop all of your contact products in the Gookie Dough tub and secure with the lid. Those things are extremely fiddly and this little hack will give you peace of mind. 

So, there are just a few simple ways you can upcycle your Gookie Dough tubs and get some extra use out of them. See, we're not always about cookies (although 95% of the time we are), hence why we've designed pots which cater to your DIY creative needs. Plastic pots aren't so boring after all.