5 Reasons Why This Mouth-Watering Cookie Dough Is On Everyones' Birthday Wishlist 🎉

Summary: You can now have your favourite dessert right from home without the hassle of going out or the cost of ordering in! Snackcidents is simply the most convenient (and mouth-watering) cookie dough ever made. Keep reading to learn more!

1. You can take back your time

Meet the most convenient cookie dough ever invented. Say goodbye to travelling to dessert parlours or waiting for a takeaway. Snackcidents is ready to eat straight from the tub, so you can simply dig in with a spoon for an instant and delicious snack. It's so simple that you can eat it anytime, anywhere with no hassle or mess. Just Imagine never having to mix ingredients again!

2. Eat it anyway you like

Snackcidents has been created so that you can eat it raw from the tub (thanks to zero eggs or raw flour). You can also bake into cookies (in the oven or air fryer), heat in the microwave, or make dessert parlour style hot cookie dough.

3. It's the ultimate money saver

By using Snackcidents to recreate your favourite dessert at home, you'll save money that you would typically spend at a dessert parlour. You will never want to spend £8.45 on a portion of cookie dough again after trying Snackcidents!

4. It makes the perfect cookies

Snackcidents cookies are UNREAL - crispy on the outside & gooey on the inside. We only use the highest quality, sustainable ingredients.
(Not to mention our packaging is 100% recyclable).

5. There's been over 2,500,000 cookies made with Snackcidents

Snackcidents has close to 100,000 customers who are obsessed with making snacks, desserts & baking more fun! With unlimited amounts of recipes to choose from you will never run out of delicious cookie dough (or cookies) to eat right from home.


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