Our Story

 Welcome to Gookie Dough by Snackcidents – a delicious edible treat made by cookie dough lovers for cookie dough lovers.

We are Anja & Olly, a couple of cookie dough fanatics from Nottingham who have created a product born from an obsession of Willy Wonka and childhood memories of baking.



Conception - 2015

Back in 2015 we decided to take up baking as a form of escapism from our monotonous jobs & everyday lives. We were fed up with a lack of control and a lack of funds so we sold everything we owned (minus the bare essentials) on eBay and used the funds to start Gookie Dough.

Within 24 hours we had become obsessed and dedicated all our free time into researching & developing the ultimate recipe for our favourite baked treat, cookies!

We spent months developing a cookie we could be proud of and kept pushing ourselves to create exciting & unusual flavours that couldn’t be found elsewhere (probably down to Olly’s obsession with the original Willy Wonka movie!).

During this process we found that we weren’t producing that many cookies and this was down to us eating the majority of the dough before it made it into the oven (forgive us, it’s just so damn yummy!). This was our eureka moment... Why don’t we create an edible cookie dough that is safe to eat and could be consumed the same way as ice cream?!

Reality - 2017

Fast forward to April 2017 and we finally had a website, a logo, packaging and a product we were proud of and were ready to launch to the world. To our surprise we had customers within minutes of going on sale (so much so that Anja cried in disbelief).


We then spent the following 19 months in true start-up mode where we slogged our guts out by manufacturing in our home kitchen, hand labelling every jar and packing every order every evening and weekend (often until 3am when we had to be at work at 9am).

Full Time - 2018

In November 2018 we finally built up the courage to quit our day jobs and take the leap into the unknown but we soon found that having pallets delivered to our house and trying to manufacture at the volumes we were selling just wasn't sustainable (plus the neighbours weren't too happy)!


In March 2019 we moved into our very own factory where we are to this day which has enabled us to significantly expand our manufacturing operations meaning our cookie dough can reach more of you (woo).

The Next Step - 2021

We had felt for a while that the Gookie Dough brand was restricting us to just cookie dough and we had ambitions to expand into a full range of sweet treats to enable our Willy Wonka dream to reach fruition. Following intensive customer research and feedback from the previous 4 years we are making numerous changes to our products, website, packaging and processes over the next few months in order to create something that was not only different but better. From this moment on 'Snackcidents' is born!


Don't worry, it's still the same people and even better cookie dough! We will be using the name "Gookie Dough By Snackcidents" throughout our transition period until the 'Gookie Dough" name is retired and replaced by "Snackcidents" later in 2021. Watch this space as we continue our exciting journey as it's only just begun...

Why Gookie Dough?

Our edible gourmet cookie dough took 12 months from conception to product launch. We tested almost every ingredient thinkable (Olly drove Anja mad!) in order to provide the ultimate cookie dough.

With a focus not only on taste but also smell and texture, Gookie Dough is hand made lovingly by ourselves using the finest gourmet ingredients sourced from across the planet. Using an exclusive blend of sustainable ingredients that have been hand-picked, we have been able to create unique and exciting flavours.

Pssssst… we also pride ourselves on using 100% recyclable packaging!

We launched with a handful of flavours but there are plenty more to come! You can submit any flavour requests here.

If you would like more information on Gookie Dough please get in touch through our contact page.