12 Useless Facts About The Chocolate Chip Cookie

Here at Gookie Dough, we're pros at how to make your mouth water and have a fountain of knowledge all about your beloved cookie. We thought we'd share our weird and wonderful facts with you, so that you can brag to your friends that you are an expert when it comes to the delightful treats. Here are all the useless facts about the cookie!


Chocolate chips cookies were invented in 1937 when Ruth Graves (American chef) decided to add cut up chunks of semi-sweet Nestle chocolate into her cookie recipe. From then on, it was history. We thank you, Ruth!


So we know that initially, chocolate chips were made from semi-sweet chocolate but the horizon has broadened. Flavours now range from dark chocolate, peanut butter chips, mint chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and white chocolate chips. And now, thanks to the ultimate food trends, we are even starting to see funfetti!


August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day here in the UK. Anything as an excuse for eating ridiculous amounts of dough! Make sure you sweeten your Instagram feed up on this special day with hashtag #ChocolateChipCookieDay.


The worlds biggest chocolate chip weighed 40,000 pounds and had a diameter of 101 feet! It was created in 2003 in North Carolina by The Immaculate Baking Company. Damn, UK, we need to up our game in cookie making.


The first name for chocolate chip cookies was actually 'Chocolate Crunch Cookies', and it instantly became an American favourite. Ruth went on to publish a book called 'Toll House Tried And True Recipes', to this day, it's still a best seller.


If you pop your cookie dough mix in the fridge for 24 hours, it gives it more flavour. Personally, we would grab a spoon and decide to eat the dough instead. Especially if it is red velvet flavour!


Queue the language lesson! “Cookie” comes from the Dutch word koekje which means “small cake.” They’re called biscuits in England (of course, unless we're on about Gookie Dough!), galletas in Spain, and keks in Germany.


Want to make the best melt-in-the-middle chewy, gooey cookie ever? The chips melt best a temperatures between 104 and 113°F. The melting will begin at 90°F, but the cooking temperature should never be higher than 115°F for milk and white chocolate cookies. Dark chocolate chips are a tougher cookie and shouldn't exceed 120F°. We don't want to waste precious chocolate after all!


Chocolate chip cookies are now a worldwide favourite and are most popular in America, Europe and Australia! What's even weirder is that other countries have different eating habits that surround our cookie. The Middle East top their cookie with chocolate sauce and then eat them with a knife and fork (very fancy!).


The chocolate chip cookie is one of the four foods which are acceptable according to fussy eaters. (The other three being chicken, chips, and macaroni cheese. Very nutritional!)


Your average rounded tablespoon can hold an average of 50 chocolate chips (I wonder who calculated that). To be fair, I'm delighted when I have the maximum of 6.


Baking a batch of fresh cookies is one of estate agent's finest techniques for making a house feel like a home. Pretty smart!

What cookie facts do you know about? Throw a few more chocolate chips into the mix and let us know. Of course, you can never beat our Gooey Chocolate Chip Tub of dough!