6 Ways To Eat Your Gookie Dough

As delicious as it is, Gookie Dough has more potential than you just munching it out of the tub. Think of the opportunities now you have edible cookie dough that is safe to eat! To give you a little inspiration, here is how to use that tub of delight and turn it into the ultimate dessert.

1. Ice Cream

If you're a true procrastinator like me and find watching TV series more fun than getting off your bum and doing something productive then this one is for you. Ice cream = no effort. What's better than taking 2 different products out of their tubs and combining them together? Absolute genius. Take your favourite flavour of Gookie Dough (FUNFETTI FOR THE WIN) and mix it with vanilla ice cream. The best part? You control how much dough you put in so you know you won't be upset like you usually are when you only have 3 pieces.

2. Toppings

So you've just made a banging cheesecake and it's missing something? Or maybe your famous brownies need a little sprinkle. Pancakes, waffles, cupcakes, the list is endless. All of these delicious treats are craving that pot of Gookie Dough to smother them! Whether it's dough balls or pieces of surprise, top that treat.

3. Base

Carrying on the trend of cheesecake, why don't you add a little twist? Ditch the digestives and go to your Gookie Dough for the base. Add your cream cheese mixture and voila. Your perfect no-bake cheesecake.

4. Milkshakes

Bring the boys to the yard with this super-duper shake. Cookie dough, vanilla ice cream, a few ice-cubes and a drop of milk and you're the milkshake queen. Perfect for sleepovers and of course, it'll be Instagram-worthy!

5. Cover

Cookies and chocolate are best pals. So what's better than making your dough into balls and drenching them in your favourite chocolate. Go adventurous and even add sprinkles (the unicorns would approve)! After all, once a chocoholic, always a chocoholic.

6. Sandwich

Oreo's, custard creams & bourbons can be our favourites at times. Nothing is better than that creamy filling. Well, not until you add your favourite Gookie Dough of course! Take the top half of the biscuit off, add a dollop of your favourite flavour, pop the top back on and take a bite. Complete bliss, right? You can thank me later!

Let us know your secret twists when eating Gookie Dough, just comment below! Which one will you be trying out next?