Accidental Vegan Snacks

If you're vegan, it can be difficult finding tasty snacks that fit your needs. Going vegan doesn't have to mean giving up foods that you enjoyed before the transition and many products are unintentionally vegan. Of course, always check the packaging before purchasing but these are the UK yummy treats we found. 

(Image credit: Finsbury Food Group) 

Sweets and chocolate 

You don't always need to buy expensive vegan chocolate from Holland & Barrat. Some favourites include:

  • Starburst
  • Millions
  • Haribo sour rainbow strips and sour rainbow twists 
  • Flying saucers 
  • Love hearts 
  • Polo mints (original) 
  • Skittles
  • Cadbury Bournville 
  • Jelly Tots 
  • Fry's chocolate cream
  • Turkish delight 
  • Green & Blacks - dark chocolate, hazelnut and currant, ginger, espresso, spiced chilli, lemon and mint 

Crisps and popcorn 

Heading to the cinema and need something to nibble on? No problem! We've finally found out that cinemas don't even care if you bring your own snacks so now we can stop smuggling things in as if we're criminals! 

  • Walkers: salt and vinegar, ready salted, prawn cocktail, Worcester sauce 
  • Walkers sensations: Lime and coriander poppadoms, vinegar and caramelised onion
  • Skips
  • Pringles: original, BBQ, paprika, smokey bacon 
  • Hula hoops: original, salt and vinegar 
  • Metcalfe's popcorn: Sweet 'n' salt, sea salt, wasabi glaze, cinema sweet 
  • Butterkist: sweet cinema style, sweet and salted, microwave popcorn salted 
  • Propercorn: smooth peanut and almond, lightly sea salted, sun-dried tomato, sweet and salty


This one is going to surprise you because you can still have a majorly full biscuit tin with all of your favourites, so get your cuppa at the ready!

(Image credit: @godsandsugar on Instagram) 

  • Lotus original 
  • Fox's ginger crunch 
  • Fox's dark chocolate chunk cookies 
  • Fox's party rings 
  • Bourbons
  • Oreos 
  • Crawford's pink wafers 
  • McVitie's: ginger nuts, hobnobs, chocolate chip hobnobs, fig rolls, fruit shortcake 
  • Gooey chocolate chip Gookie Dough

Spreads and toppings 

  • Lotus smooth biscuit spread
  • Tesco bourbon biscuit spread (SINCE WHEN WAS THIS IA THING?!)
  • Hershey's Reese's Shell topping 
  • SunPat choc-a-nut peanut spread

Mind-blown!! So, vegans are always having as much fun eating treats as us. Ditch the stereotype on green smoothies. Stock up on your gooey chocolate chip Gookie Dough, pronto!