Health Benefits of Sugar

We're told not to eat sugar, swap for sweeteners and to only eat fruit. Don't eat too much fruit says the other dentist, because it will still rot your teeth due to the acid. It's obvious that too much sugar intake can cause obesity and diabetes along with other health conditions. But for one day, we're going to put that aside and give sugar a break by talking about some of the health benefits. Of course, consume in moderation but a little sugar won't harm (even Mary Poppins agrees). 

(Image credit: Science Daily) 

The Basics

Natural sugars are sugars that are found in fruits and milk, they are complex carbohydrates that give us the nutrition we need and help with blood sugar levels. Added sugars are things such as white sugar, brown sugar, honey and syrups that are added to food. They provide hardly any nutrition and can cause spikes in blood sugar. 

Benefit #1

Sugar can provide energy almost immediately. Once the energy for immediate use is being used, the body will store excess to use later on. This is called glycogenesis. This is a great process because it can allow us to go for longer periods of time without eating, however, when glucose exceeds storage the leftover is turned into fat. 

Benefit #2

Natural sugars come with added nutrients. When you have milk and fruit, they usually contain additional fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and hydration. You can indulge in all of the healthy treats without massive spikes in blood sugar. 

Benefit #3

According to some scientists, sugar can improve our brain health. Apparently, our brains use up 400 calories of glucose per day but it depends where you get the sugar from. So, don't be downing chocolate and Gookie Dough (however, it is a treat!) because the natural sugars have the real benefit. It's best to eat whole fruit than juice because an apple has more fibre and it's consumed slower.

Benefit #4

Glycolic acid in sugar can be great in keeping skin healthy. Using it can help to get rid of blemishes and restore the balance in oils. Sugar is also great on the skin in the forms of body scrubs. The gritty texture is perfect for exfoliating and removing dead skin cells which leaves you with luxurious smooth legs!

So, not so fast with cutting out sugar when you're hitting the hardcore diet. Sugar is needed and is essential, just eat the junk food in moderation and choose an apple over chocolate. Easier said than done, we know!