Restaurant Pet Peeves

A lot of us have worked in fast food or in a restaurant at a young age to gain some extra dollar for our nights out but it's not all delicious treats and free food. It's the battle of wits with the human race. Here are the pet peeves of food from the experienced employees. 

(Image credit: Kaspas, from the Daily Mail) 

Coming in at 9:45 pm when you shut at 10:00 pm 

Okay, why? I will never understand the logic behind people who think a chef can whizz up a meal in 5 minutes and them shovelling it down their throats in 10. And no, the restaurant doesn't want to wait and watch you eat your dinner and DO NOT order a dessert.

Asking for an extra strong drink

First off, we aren't friends. You've asked for a single and that's what you'll be getting. If you want a double vodka then you can pay for a double vodka because this isn't coming out of my wages. 

Seating yourself when it states not to 

If a restaurant is busy and the sign says 'please wait for assistance' or 'please wait to be seated' then you stand there and wait. By sitting yourself down, you're ruining our organisational skills and also pushing in line. Did your parents not teach you manners?

(Image credit: Eater) 

When someone orders 'the usual'

What does that even mean? You may come here a lot but I have no idea who you are and what you ordered last. My life doesn't revolve around your order and why are you getting offended because I didn't know? I have a life too! 

Throwing full drinks into the bin

So, your lemonade didn't taste right so you decided to throw the whole thing into the bin. Fair enough, but 20 other people have also done that today. Do you know what that means? I'm having to carry a million litres of liquid outside and try to throw it into an industrial bin which is impossible when you're a lanky teen. Look, I didn't ask for a gym workout. 

Not greeting 

'Hi, how can I help you today?' The usual greeting. 'Tea, no milk, extra strong'. Lovely, great friendly personality you have, a please wouldn't go amiss either, hun. Manners cost nothing and it would make us feel a lot happier if you just said hi. I'm not a servant. 

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