The Worst Things That Have Happened To Chocolate

Chocolate is like a soul mate. Always there for you, whether the times are good or bad and are always within arms reach. It's the gift that keeps on giving and something you'll never be disappointed in seeing. However, sometimes things don't go right for our beloved chocolate, and these are the tragedies (if you can bare to see). 

The Donut Disaster 

(Image credit: Pinterest)

First of all, why haven't bakeries made a solution to this disaster? Secondly, whoever placed the donut in the bag was rather inconsiderate of the topping and are making people lick bags of chocolate in public. There's no shame in it, you bought that chocolate donut, not plain.  

Uncomfortable Biting 


(Image credit: Imgur)

So, if you eat a KitKat like this then you're obviously a monster and need to watch that video where Kourtney Kardashian teaches you the skill. I don't care how hungry you are or how short your break is, you eat it stick by stick. This is making us all extremely anxious so we're going to comfort eat some Gookie Dough.

Chocolate 'Sponge' Cake 


(Image credit: Buzzfeed via Reddit) 

Okay, so who's cruel idea was this. It's making our hearts bleed and is definitely tragic. This cake would have looked delicious from the outside and the pain strikes when we realise this individual has wasted the best food in the world (apart from Gookie Dough, obvs) and the only option is to either lick a sponge or throw it all away. Spongebob would be disappointed or in his element. Poor Patrick star. 

Taken For A Mug 

(Image credit: Daily Mail via Maxine Feehely) 

This guy was certainly taken for a mug and had a rather loud 'bang' in the microwave. After sharing our recipes on mug cakes, we certainly haven't had a disaster as bad as this one. Would we waste this amount of chocolate? NO! Nice decorative touch with the mint leaf, but I'm guessing the flavour wasn't infused as it went everywhere other than the mug. Whoops! 

Have you had any chocolate disasters? Whether this be sitting on a chocolate bar and it melting in your pocket or dropping your favourite piece on the floor (that once happened to me over a Reese's Cup in Leeds and I made a scene in the shopping centre!). Let us know in the comments below!