How To Prevent Food Waste

Today's post is all about being a little bit savvy and is almost the cousin of our 'Upcycle Your Gookie Dough Pots' series. Food waste is a massive concern around the globe, in the UK, we waste on average 1.3 billion tonnes each year. Yet we live in a country where food banks are even more in demand than usual. So, how can we prevent food waste?

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Buy what you need 

When you're in a supermarket and you see those biscuits on offer for £1, it's tempting or those potatoes are on a rollback for 50p less. Yes, it's tempting but it's important to realise you're wasting money and food because you're spending too much. Only buy exact amounts of ingredients for a recipe, find shops where you can buy single carrots, potatoes and onions instead of using large packets which are covered in plastic.  

Use your freezer 

Buying in bulk makes sense when it means you're saving money but it's a fact that you won't use every single item before it runs out of date. Try and freeze products and label it with the date. Bread is perfect for this because it can go straight in the freezer and also defrosts quickly (or you can pop it in the toaster). Surprisingly, soft fruits and spinach can also be frozen which can make good smoothies! 

Portion control 

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So, your eyes are bigger than your belly. Happens to everyone. Just remember that it isn't compulsory to eat the whole pack of rice in one sitting. Keep an eye on what is being thrown away after meals and then you'll realise how to change and adapt your portion size so no leftovers are being chucked away (there's never any leftover Gookie Dough though, is there?!).  

Out of date fear 

So, you've just taken a pack of meat out of the fridge and you're unsure whether it's gone off or not so you put it back in the fridge and wait until it's expired completely. DON'T! The best way to arrange the fridge and cupboards is to bring the oldest items to the front and putting newer ones to the back. This way the older stuff will have a better chance of being used. 

Just some pro hacks to save you some dollar on the way up to Christmas. You can thank us later!