It's October!

The spooky month of Halloween has arrived. Hello, October! It's officially Autumn, going on winter and although this can be depressing, it also means COMFORT FOOD! Think of it this way, the clocks will go back in a few weeks time which means you get an extra hour curled up in bed with your warm duvet and you don't have to worry about your beach body because you'll be wrapped up in a puffer jacket. Here's October comfort food which is in season especially for you!


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It's clear that Halloween and pumpkins go hand in hand which leads to the fact that they're in season. If that doesn't give it away enough, then just think that every coffee and food is infused with 'pumpkin spice'. So, whether you're munching on pumpkin seeds or pumpkin pie, the orange colour is screaming autumn. Maybe pumpkin Gookie Dough would be a delightful treat!


It's cold and blustery outside and you come home to roasted parsnips either with a gorgeous Sunday roast or in a soup to warm you through. Parsnips are much sweeter compared to carrots and can even be a delight when crisped up like a french fry.  

Sweet potato 

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The superior potato that is one of your five a day and tastes so good. The sweet potato is autumn at it's finest and is gorgeous in casseroles. 


I don't understand the hatred behind cranberries, hear them out! Cranberry juice is delicious when mixed with lemonade so you won't have a super dry mouth. Although Christmas time is usually associated with this berry, October is the month where it's at its prime. 

Brussel Sprouts 

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You either love them or you hate them. However, they are on the rise with restaurants turning them into little balls of heaven. Roasted with bacon, caramelised with garlic or even shaved into a salad make these strong tasted veggies into more of a variable dish. 

Will you be digging into these veggies this month? Are you currently in a rush to get to the nearest Starbucks because you can't resist that pumpkin spiced latte? Keep updated for more Halloween inspired recipes.