Things That Exist But Look Wrong

Do you ever look at something and think 'that doesn't seem right?' a bit like when you spell your own name and your brain is just screaming NOOO! Well, just a bit of trivia for you, here are the things in the real world that look extremely wrong but are actually real. Are you ready to feel a tad uncomfortable? 

This Stop Sign 


(Image credit: BuzzFeed Food) 

This stop sign is reminding me of the low-key teacher at school who really couldn't care less or your older brother who told you not to do something but in reality, couldn't care less. The temptation of not stopping because the sign is so chill is rather bad. Maybe we're overthinking the situation...

Ghost Skittles 

(Image credit: Facebook) 

As part of LGBT, Skittles decided to create white only sweets to prove that everyone is equal no matter what. The idea was incredible and had some great comments but we can't help but think it looks a tad weird? Imagine if we started sending out white Gookie DoughWhat if you got the flavour you hated? One cannot taste the rainbow. 

Subway Gone AWOL 

(Image credit: JRiggles via Reddit) 

Why is the red making me angrier and certainly not hungry? You had one job, Subway! When you have something good, you don't throw it away (okay, we'll stop with the relationship counselling). I don't know what crazy guy decided to do this but it's like those fake 'Asda' supermarkets you see in Greece 😂. 


Only in America will you find the McDonald's logo in the form of a chip. We're unsure whether the Skittle guy was involved with that and the whole 'taste the rainbow' situation, just to get inside our heads even more! Would you trust this McDonald's? If you would then you're insane, this shouldn't be legal! 

Feel uncomfortable? Grab a tub of Gookie Dough and type in 'puppies do funny things' on Youtube. You won't be disappointed!