British Foods That Are Weird To The Rest Of The World

Us Brits are very fussy when it comes to food and god forbid if anyone ever slates our creations. Our classics which are the tastiest food in our opinion may be slightly odd to the rest of the world and it turns out that brown sauce isn't as universal as you thought it was! 

(Image credit: Expatica) 

Salad cream 

If you're a salad cream mad kinda person, you'll have noticed that abroad, your only option is mayonnaise which may not cut it for you. However, salad cream is a little odd. It's like a mayo but bitter and thin, a little slimy and it runs everywhere. Why do we even like it? 

Crisp sandwich 

Double carbs but who can resist a good old crisp butty. The dryness of the roll and the crisps basically choke you to death but it's all part of the experience. To water it down, have a nice cup of tea and you're sorted. Now, to be fair, it's a slightly odd combination but it's impossible not to like. 


Unless you've grown up in the UK and don't take notice of the name, to someone else from another country, it may sound a bit odd. It does sound like you've got a digestive problem and they're used for medical purposes. To be honest, we're just keeping everyone on their toes. However, they are proven to have some health benefits such as helping to reduce morning sickness in pregnant women.


As the saying goes, you either love it or you hate it and it's not all of our favourites even here in the UK. The strong overpowering taste can be a delicious addition to your toast but it's just a yeast spread. We will agree with you, it's strange.  

Black pudding 

A good old traditional English breakfast needs to have black pudding. Nothing strange, just a normal sausage...made out of pigs blood. Nothing quite like devouring some red blood cells first thing in the morning, gotta love that nutrients (yeah it gets a no from me, sorry).

Spotted dick 

If someone asks if you want some spotted dick, you're bound to giggle in the back of your mind and be a little bit immature and we'll let you off. Why is it called that? I'm not sure but this is the British classic that we all love with a passion. Maybe Gookie Dough will gradually take its place. The evolution of spotted dick. 

Any British foods that you still find weird even though you're older? Let us know in the comments below.