Brownie Facts That You Never Knew

Today, we celebrate our triple chocolate fudge Gookie Dough, which very much resembles an uncooked brownie and we feel as if it doesn't get enough credit! This flavour is a chocoholic dream, and this fudgy 100% cocoa dough is heaped full of chocolatey goodness. So, here are facts about the brownie that you never knew! 

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The first brownie 

The first brownie ever made was actually a mistake (say what?!), the baker who invented it didn't have baking powder so the result was an unleavened fudgy treat which we now can't get enough of! 

Original ingredients 

The original ingredients of the brownie were only butter, sugar, chocolate, eggs and flour. However, unsweetened chocolate is used which means more sugar is needed to balance the bitterness. Maybe this is why they're just so good? #SugarRush 

Blondie brownies, on the other hand, are made with brown sugar, butter and eggs but don't really contain any chocolate (unless it's white) and tend to have a cake-like texture. 

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National Days

So, we have a national dog day, cookie day, girlfriend & boyfriend day so what happened to brownies? Do not worry! December 8th is known as national brownie day and as for blondies? That's the 22nd of January. And national have a brownie day? February the 10th! Sorry, you'll be waiting a while before you have an excuse to stuff your face with the perfect treats! 

The History 

So, we have the USA to thank yet again for these sweet delights. The brownie came from a chef in Chicago during the late 19th century. It all started when a lady called Bertha Palmer wanted to request a special dessert for ladies attending the Chicago 1893 World Fair. She wanted a dessert that was smaller than cake but still had cake-like characteristics and can be quickly eaten from lunch boxes (how fancy). Finally, the first brownie was made which was topped with walnuts and apricot glaze. The recipe is still served in Chicago and is a classic! During the 20th century, brownies were the craze in the USA and Canada. Today, there are served all over the world, alongside ice cream, whipped cream and fruits! 

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The most massive brownie in the world! 

This is what our dreams are made out of. To raise funds for the families of the victims of the World Trade Centre attacks, chefs in New York created the world's most gigantic brownie which weighed 3,000 pounds and used 750 pounds of chocolate chips, 500 pounds of flour and 500 pounds of butter. WOW! 

Where did brownies get their name from?

(Picture credit: Tastemade) 

No one knows, as simple as that! There are a few different opinions on where it could have come from, but one states that it comes from a catalogue that included elf shaped sweets called 'brownies'. Others believe the name came from a children's book. Eventually, the name was used to refer to Girl Scouts, a type of Kodak camera and of course, the classic dessert. 

Well, the more you know! And we will always love you, Mr Brownie! Pass me that monster tub of chocolate fudge Gookie Dough.