Cooking Mistakes EVERYONE Makes

Whether you're a kitchen connoisseur or you're a uni student who's living off of Pot Noodles, there's bound to be certain dishes you make and you think 'yeah, this isn't great'. So, we're here to tell you the reasons why which means you'll always know the answers to make your meal top notch!

(Picture credit: Thyme in the Kitchen) 

You don't prep before you start cooking 

Ever notice those fancy chefs on TV always have everything ready, weighed and set out in cute little bowls? There's a reason behind it. By making sure you have everything prepared, it helps you to avoid mistakes and gives you more time. It also ensures that you have everything you need so you don't get halfway through a recipe and realise you don't have that key ingredient! 

Non-stick pans 

To anyone, these non-stick pans are literally a godsend and we wouldn't know how to live without them. However, they are not perfect for everything. For example, they are unable to get as hot as cast-iron pans and the distribution of the heat isn't always even. The best idea? Keep to non-stick when making omelettes and fried eggs and save other pans for high-heat cooking. 

You don't add enough salt 

(Picture credit: America's Test Kitchen Online Cooking School) 

Salt is known as the most underrated seasoning and it isn't used enough in meals. Salt can be the reason why restaurant food tastes better than home cooking. It's important to add enough salt to food so the flavours come through but not too much as we don't want it to taste like the sea! Learning the correct amount can be difficult but trial and error is the way to go.  

You don't add enough acid to your dish 

Sounds a bit random, right? However, the acid helps flavours come through and also adds a bit of colour to your dish. A squeeze of lemon or a drop of vinegar can improve the taste massively. 

Let that pan get hot 

It's a pain when you're in a rush or really just can't be bothered to cook, so you ram everything into the pan whether it's properly heated or not. However, the hotter a pan is, the smokier the flavours which are perfect for meats like steak! Heat a cast-iron pan up for a full thirty minutes if you're cooking a steak. However, a quick five minutes of heating also makes a huge improvement for goodies like veggies.  

You fiddle with your food

It's easily done and we're all guilty of it. Flipping, stirring and poking food as it cooks isn't good! Golden colours mean that your food has great flavour, however, by moving it, you're actually making it more pale and bland. Be patient and give your food some time! Patience is the virtue. 

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