Cakes That Won't Make You Hungry

Cake. Everyone is up for it no matter what. Feeling sad? The cake will make it better. Feeling ill? So what, I still want a slice! Here at Gookie Dough, we've already shown our love towards the spongey goodness with our Funfetti Cake Batter flavour. However, here are some delights that may not tickle your fancy!

The hedgehog 

Let's be real, this is rather funny. It's almost like sonic had a bad hair dye experience. Not only are the spikes rather sparse, the smile actually looks painful. Let's hope it tasted a lot better than it looks! (Image credit: Mother Nature Network) 


Now either Toy Story has had a makeover or we're trying to act like Milo from the Tweenies. My main question is has Buzz suddenly got braces and is that supposed to be a beard on his chin? Think about all that layered icing and how calorific that would be! 

Mickey Mouse 

As a kid, it would be a dream to get a Mickey Mouse cake! Now, the attempt has been made here and I'm praying it isn't an adult attempt! Either Mickey has had his ears severely burnt in the oven or he's wearing a charcoal hair mask. I'm not sure how I feel about the side eye along with the creepy smile. Looks delicious...

Do trains grow facial hair?


Now, you can honestly tell that this is Thomas the Tank Engine, however, why does he have a fried egg on him? The flower at the side doesn't really make any sense and there are no train tracks! I guess he's derailed. As for the moustache and wonky eyebrows, beautiful. 

That famous unicorn cake

You will have seen this cake trend everywhere! Unicorns are definitely in and I'm not gonna lie, they are rather cute. I love these cakes and it's only the other day where I watched on TV how to make it. Why do they make it look so easy?! My end result would be no better than the right. They tried, okay? 

You've had your laugh. I don't think we can bear to show you anymore due to the pure horridness. Have you had any cake fails that you're willing to share? Leave a comment down below, we'd love to see them.