Health Benefits of Ice Cream

Indulging in a tub of ice cream and eating the whole lot without realising is a regular occurrence for me and I'm sure many of you also do the same! Some ice creams are ridiculously calorific and contain processed foods, high rates of sugar and other nasties. However, what about the health benefits? Just like when we talked about the benefits of cookie dough last week, you can now have Gookie Dough alongside your ice cream and not feel as guilty (in moderation, of course).

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Helps immunity 

Lactoferrin and cytokines in ice cream can increase the body's immunity and combat the flu virus and help the healing process of viruses. So, if flu is getting you down, treat yourself to a bowl of the good stuff.  

Good for the brain 

Apparently, ice cream is good for our body and say no more. There is a part of the brain that analyses which is called the orbitofrontal cortex. Ice cream supposedly makes us more comfortable and alert so we're better at looking into things. Next time you want to act FBI, just eat a cone!

Source of minerals and vitamins 

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Ice cream contains a good source of minerals because it is rich in calcium and phosphorus. It gets better, vitamins included E, D, C and A as well as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid and vitamin B-6 and B-12. 

Myth Buster

There are some myths that come with our old friend, Mr Whippy. People say that ice cream causes coughs and colds but this could be down to the fact that the coldness can shock the throat in some people and cause a slight tickle. 

Many pregnant women are reluctant to consume ice cream because they think the foetus will become too large. However, this doesn't happen. In fact, it helps bone growth!

Lastly, eating your ice cream won't cause you to become obese or put on weight because when consumed in moderation, the fat content in ice cream per serving is very small compared to the fat needs each day. 

Mr Whippy, we won't be dumping you anytime soon! *Source: Dr Health Benefits*