Chocolate Chip or Raisin Cookies?

Everyone has had the utter disappointment where you bite into a gorgeous, freshly baked gooey cookie and find out that those 'chocolate chips' were in fact raisins. It's part of our childhood that still haunts us and our parents never did manage to get us to like the evil fruit, after all. So, with plenty of practice and trust issues aside, how well can you tell the difference between a delightful chocolate chip cookie and a not-so-tasty raisin cookie?

Round One 

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Is it number one, or two? Sounds a bit like the opticians, doesn't it?  We've started off easy so if you get this one wrong you obviously had a blessed childhood which was filled with ONLY chocolate chip cookies. Lucky you, we aren't jealous at all. 

Round Two 



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Look at all these gorgeous chocolate chips. Gooey, bumpy, full of goodness and that extra crunch giving the perfect bite. If you're doing this quiz right now at your office desk instead of working, then we're oh-so-sorry, but would encourage to click here while you're at it to purchase some of your favourite Gookie Dough

Round Three

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This one is a bit of a tough cookie. Yes, you have one which is loaded with chocolate chips or raisins and another which reminds you of your traumatic experience where you're unsure what the substance is due to the batter hiding. 3...2...1, guess time is over. Find the answers below!

Round one, the chocolate chip cookie was the first one (duh!). Round two, the chocolate chip cookie was the first one and round three, the chocolate chip cookie was BOTH OF THEM! So, how well did you do? Let us know in the comments below. 

None right - you need some cookie experience, hun!

1-2 right - you're not quite the expert but you know your stuff.

3 right - WOW you cookie connoisseur, we need some pro tips from you!