McDonald's Around The World

Your cheeseburger, chips and chicken nuggets are all on the menu but you've heard about the chip debate at McDonald's and how no countries potato treats are the same. So, what is McDonald's like all over the world? And where do you NEED to try? 


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The McNürnburger is three Bratwurst served on a bun with mustard and onions. I mean, of course, you're going to get a McDonald's special with sausages, it's Germany. The name and concept of the burger comes from a former football player and current owner of a sausage factory. 


The McShrimp. A side dish (a little bit like your mozzarella dippers here in the UK) of literally fried shrimp. These act as an alternative to fries. Sounds tasty, however, has mixed reviews on social media. 


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The mashed potato beef burger. Wow, dreams do come true! A beef patty topped with bacon and mashed potato. However, double carbs may be a negative when it comes to soggy bread. Maybe we'll go without, after all. 


McDonald's is out to surprise you with this one 'Chicha Purple Temptation'. A dessert made with blue corn which is full of surprises. This dessert looks too good to be part of McDonald's presentation wise! It uses the same blue corn that is part of an antioxidant-rich beverage in Latin America. Maybe we'll stick to getting a plain McFlurry and sticking Gookie Dough on top! 


(Image credit: Food Network Canada) 

Chicken McDo with Spaghetti. A value meal which makes a change from the regular fries. This is fried chicken and spaghetti with red sauce. Sounds like a weird combination, we're wondering where the meatballs are at? However, it makes a change and is a great price for students! 


Two 100% pure beef patties cooked with herbs and finished off with white yoghurt sauce, onions, tomato and lettuce which is served in a pita. Can highly recommend this one from a personal experience! If you love a good kebab, this is your go-to on a drunken night out in Greece. 


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The McKroket is another special that you can only try in that country. A kroket is a deep fried breaded snack which is made of cheese and beef. With a mustard-like dressing which is a cross between a mayonnaise, it's definitely one to taste. Not for the faint-hearted though!

What do you think? Tried McDonald's anywhere else in the world? Let us know in the comments below.