Christmas Dinner Crisps?!

Hold up a moment. Tell your parents that Christmas Dinner cooking may not be essential this year and I'm sure they'll love you forever! Now, we all love crisps, and I'm partial to a bit of cheese and onion but what if you could snack on your Christmas dinner out of a bag rather than having to pop the turkey in the oven.

Hipchips, based in Soho have come up with luxury hand-crafted crisps to tickle your tastebuds this festive season. These guys are a pro in the snack department and have popular flavours such as chocolate salted caramel cheesecake. WHAT?! The Christmas Dinner Box includes smoked salmon and pickled cucumber as a starter and then, of course, your turkey dinner crisps for the main. For dessert, we keep it traditional and opt for a Christmas pudding crisp. What would that even taste like? If you think that this overload of the treat will be a little dry, then don't worry because you also get a brandy sauce dip! Very British. 

The founder, Scott Davis, believes that good food is about the cravings. His aim is to apply his wide range of knowledge and experience to create a diverse style and flavour. Both sweet and savoury options apply to whatever palette! I wonder if Gary Lineker will be there for Christmas?

Maybe you fashionable Londererns are no longer hipsters but chipsters? I wonder what a Gookie Dough crisp would taste like...Get crunching!