Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pie

If you're a cookie lover, then you're going to adore this pie! Not only does it have pieces of cookie dough folded into the creamy ice treat but it also has chocolate chip cookies as the crust. And you just thought life couldn't get any better? Instead of drooling all over your keyboards, we shall dive straight into it so you can whip it up in the kitchen yourself! 

You will need: 

(For the pie crust)
A package of refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough (would highly recommend your favourite flavour of Gookie Dough)
(For the edible cookie dough) 
1/2 cup of butter at room temperature 
3/4 cups of brown sugar 
One teaspoon of vanilla extract 
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1 cup of all-purpose flour 
Two tablespoons of milk 
1 cup of chocolate chips
(For the ice cream) 
One container of whipped cream 
One can of sweetened condensed milk 
One teaspoon of vanilla extract 


Firstly, preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celcius. Next, pop the Gookie Dough into a pie dish to create a pie crust and pop in the oven for 12 minutes until you have a layer of gorgeous biscuit. 

Next, make the edible cookie dough that will be mixed into the ice cream. Just beat together the butter and brown sugar until light and fluffy. Add the vanilla and salt and add the flour until it is fully combined. Beat in the milk and stir in the chocolate chips. 

Line a ten by 15-inch pan with parchment paper and press the delicious cookie dough onto it, so it's flat. Pop it in the fridge for one hour or until the pie crust has cooled sufficiently. 

Take the cookie dough out of the fridge and cut it in half. Cut each half into small pieces and set aside in two separate piles. In a large bowl, mix together the whipped cream and condensed milk. Stir in the vanilla and mix one pile of the cookie dough into the mixture. Pour the mixture into the pie pan over the crust and decorate with the rest of the cookie dough. Freeze overnight and serve when slightly melted. 

Forget cake; pie seems to be the real winner. Is February too early for ice cream? Pft, we don't think so! No one wants jelly and ice cream anymore at the kids' party; it's about time they deserved an upgrade. Let that dessert competition amongst parents begin.