Cookie Dough Iced Coffee

It's Thursday, and we're struggling to get through the week so thought you may need a coffee to boost those caffeine levels. This creamy cookie dough iced coffee is like a cross between regular iced coffee and a milkshake. You don't need that regular Costa run every morning because this is ten times better! 

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You will need: 

16oz of brewed coffee which is chilled 

80oz of cold milk (any milk you'd like whether this be soya or almond) 

Two large scoops of vanilla ice cream 

Two small scoops of Gookie Dough 

One tablespoon of vanilla extract 

One tablespoon of brown sugar 

60g of mini chocolate chip cookies 


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In a blender, add coffee, milk and vanilla. Pop in your two scoops of vanilla ice cream, brown sugar, Gookie Dough and mini cookies. Blend until it is all thoroughly combined and there are no large pieces. Serve over ice and enjoy!

Yes, it really is that easy! Perfect for those summer days when hot coffee just doesn't cut it. Also, a fun way to get coffee down your neck if you need that boost but aren't the biggest coffee fan. Anything with cookie dough is instantly more delicious and appealing. The little chunks of chocolate and cookie that lurk in the bottom of your glass are pretty scrumptious, get a spoon to that goodness! (Recipe adapted from Shaken Together Life)