Skills You Need Before You Leave Home

Leaving home is a daunting thing and the reality can hit when you're left to your own devices. What do you eat? How do you make it? We all wish we could live off of Gookie Dough for the rest of our lives but unfortunately, it just won't cut it. If you have a child who is off to university in September then maybe you should teach them these tips before they head off on their adventures. 

(Image credit: BBC Good Food) 

Wield a knife 

The most underrated skill is having good knife skills and keeping knives sharp. We can all admit that we don't sharpen our knives enough. By getting an affordable, easy to use sharpener, it can turn weak blades into amazingly smooth slicing machines. By teaching your teen to sharpen knives safely and effectively, they'll be on their way to perfect prep. 

Slow cooker 

The main thing to remember with a slow cooker is your food to liquid ratio. Slow cookers can cook ANYTHING. From whole chickens to soups or baked potatoes. Slow cookers work at low heat for hours without anyone needing to be home. Many students use this appliance more than anything else because they can attend lectures and food will be ready when they get home. Also perfect for those medical students when they're on shift.  

Plan meals 

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Planning meals is a great way to get all the nutrients you need, plan shopping and also make you more organised. This leads to having essential skills to cook at any time. Unless a scrambled egg is your forte? 

Washing up 

Bit self-explanatory but you'll be surprised how many students don't do the dishes. Cleaning up after eating, wiping down counters, closing packaging and storing food correctly is the main factor of food which helps keeps things fresh, hygienic and stops bacteria growing which can be a potential risk to your health. 

Baking and Roasting 

Last but not least, cooking methods that everyone will use during their university life. Baked cookies? They're halfway there! Being educated on preheating the oven, greasing, oiling, setting a timer and taking hot dishes out of the oven plus knowing the difference between baking and broiling. 

Looks like you're not just going to university for the education because you need to be educated beforehand! Have fun, and remember, Gookie Dough will always be here for you when those meals just aren't cutting it.