Did Someone Say Glittery Coffee?

We love glitter, and we love coffee. Should they be combined? Probably not. It's bad enough that the sparkly stuff gets EVERYWHERE and swallowing a clump of it just to make your insides look like majestic unicorns aren't exactly what I'd call glamorous. The next food trend has landed, and social media has been going crazy over this strange concoction, but after viewing the pictures, we can definitely see why. 


By Di Bella in Mumbai offers two unique shiny coffees, one being the Gold Cappuccino and the other being the Diamond Cappuccino (after all, diamonds are a girl's best friend and if you can't wear them, drink them). Both of these are a regular cappuccino with coffee and milk, but edible glitter is also added. The Gold Cappuccino contains gold like glitter while the Diamond is a little fancier and has a rainbow look (oooh damn, how can coffee be more fashionable than us?!). 


But don't worry! You won't need to travel miles to get your hands on one because here in the UK, a place called Melbourne In Lichfield are also bang on trend. These guys offer a gorgeous golden glitter explosion which looks like Tinkerbells warm bath! The edible glitter doesn't add any extra flavour to your coffee, so you don't need to worry about choking or having weird plastic aftertaste but imagine having glitter stuck to your lips as you're walking to work? I guess I need to stop thinking in a practical manner because everything is for Instagram purposes, duh. 

Let's be honest, a spoonful of Gookie Dough Triple Chocolate Fudge melting away in the bottom of the cup to create a rich and chocolatey treat would be way better! I mean, we haven't used glitter since the age of 8 so why would we want to start again. Goodness me, think about the vacuuming! The million dollar question is, WHY? 

Now you've seen this, you know that you can pop glitter into any beverage you please. Lemonade, tea, wine, water, the list goes on! If only it rained glitter instead of rain, maybe our hair would be more magical than messy! What are your thoughts on the trend?