Throwback Foods That You Forgot Existed

This Monday morning, I thought I'd bring you some nostalgia and reminisce about those gone but never forgotten foods of our childhood. Looking back, some of these were sugar central, and it proves the reason why we were all hyper. But anyway, let's get stuck into it. 

Cadbury's Dream 

Remember that sickly white chocolate melt on your tongue? Everyone loved a dream bar, as simple as it was, it definitely hit the spot when it came to those chocolate cravings. Cadbury seemed to take a while to come up with this little goodie but what's even worse is that is no longer available! 

Cadbury's Snowflake

Flake's are the most frustrating chocolate bar to eat, and let's be real, you don't really eat it when half of the bar ends up on the floor (I guess the clue is in the name)! The bar was closer to a Twirl seeing as the white chocolate flake centre was dipped in milk chocolate. They hit our stores in 2000 and took the UK by storm and then later on the name changed to Flake Snow (we prefer Snowflake). I'm guessing Cadbury's aren't a fan of our beloved white chocolate!

Caramac Kit Kat 

The revolutionary Kit Kat with a twist! Kit Kat and Caramac are the nation's favourite, and when they collaborated, it was heaven. The classic wafer was smothered in a caramel coating and was a twist on your average break time snack. This disappeared from our shelves in 2005 and briefly came back in 2007 but not for long enough!

Mars Delight 

I can almost taste it now, the most calorific chocolate bar of all time. Mars Delight was not your average Mars bar! Milk chocolate with a rippled wafer which is surrounded by caramel and chocolate cream. The real taste of childhood. 

Listerine Breath Strips 

The new take on chewing gum had arrived. The strips melted on your tongue instantly and were available in a variety of flavours but definitely blew your head off and made you minty fresh! Oh, how these are missed. The only dental product that was actually cool within the playground. 

Green Ketchup

You either loved it or felt sick when using it. Heinz decided to make us all feel uncomfortable in time for Halloween with their green tomato sauce. Technically called 'Heinz EZ Squirt' this bottle came with a child-friendly nozzle and made our chips look mouldy. The novelty soon wore off and came off of our shelves in 2006. 

Walkers Vanilla Monster Munch

Vanilla crisps? Don't knock them until you try! The combination wasn't great when teamed with a sandwich, nor did you know what to drink with them. Were they sweet or savoury? We need them back so that we can try them again (maybe I did feel a little sick once I had a bag)! 

Walkers Footballs!

In support of the World Cup, we took it upon ourselves to create mini football-shaped crisps which were coated with the most smokey bacon flavour ever. These corn-based snacks were the bomb and I haven't found bacon crisps that beat these delights. 

Maybe we should take it upon ourselves here at Gookie Dough to make an original cookie dough styled Mars Delight!  Any snacks that we've missed? What were your favourites?