Facts That Prove Chocolate Is Good For You

We're always feeling guilty about chocolate. Whether it's eating that extra piece or having the whole bar to yourself, you still think "I shouldn't have done that". Well, it's time to make that thought process stop because chocolate can be good for you and here is why. 

*Image credit: Rush University Medical Centre*

The science 

Dark chocolate is loaded with healthy minerals such as potassium, zinc and selenium. It can also provide your body with tonnes of iron which means that blood rich oxygen can be transported better and you'll feel less tired. How's that for a Monday morning breakfast? 

Cognitive function

When I was doing exams, I was always told to eat dark chocolate beforehand because it is supposed to boost smartness. Personally, I didn't understand, but I didn't argue either because it's more of an excuse to eat extra chocolate! In fact, it's scientifically proven that dark chocolate can improve overall cognitive function because it advances knowledge, memory, language, attention and reasoning. Move over, avocado. 


*Image credit: Rebel Circus* 

To have healthy skin, water is critical, and yes, you should wash your face. There's a myth which states that chocolate causes breakouts and acne but this is not true. Dark chocolate can be your skins best friend. There are plant antioxidants within our tasty treat which can fight skin damage and free toxins which can lead to sad skin so you can get glowing and tell everyone your new beauty secret! 


You will have heard about red wine being good for the heart but bring chocolate into the equation, and you have yourself a perfect chick-flick night on the sofa with your two favourite things in the world! Dark chocolate helps restore artery flexibility and prevents white blood cells from sticking to blood vessels which means that blood can efficiently pump. Some scientists say that it can even promote the battle of atherosclerosis which is a form of heart disease. Wow! 


Chocolate of all kind contains endorphins which are happy chemicals in the brain which make you feel good. This proves that chocolate can lead to decreased levels of stress and overall contentedness. 

*Image credit: Bali Jiwa* 


Within the body, there are two types of cholesterol which are good and bad. Cocoa can help reduce levels of bad cholesterol and raise the levels of good cholesterol. However, the scientists who carried out this experiment did crack and grind their own cocoa beans so that Easter egg may not do the trick as such, sorry! 


Along with beating heart disease, dark chocolate can also reduce the chance of having a stroke. Even though eating clean and eating bad things as a treat, having one square of chocolate a day can prevent diabetes and insulin resistance. 

Now you know all of these facts, you won't feel as bad having a tub of original Gookie Dough with your glass of wine curled up on the sofa, and we can't blame you. Now you can go and brag to everyone about these facts and prove them all wrong for guilting you.