Mistakes To Avoid When Preparing Recipes

We've all gotten ourselves into a bit of a mess when it comes to tackling a recipe we really fancy. Whether it's a cake or something as simple as fancy toast, it's important not to make these simple mistakes so your dish can turn out perfect every time! 

*Image credit: Good Housekeeping* 

Read the instructions properly 

We're all guilty of this purely because it's down to laziness, but it's essential that you read the recipe correctly and know exactly what you're buying and how to do it. To make sure you understand the step thoroughly, you should read a method through twice before cracking on because then it'll properly sink into your mind. When reading through you have to take into consideration the time it'll take. For example, steps can sometimes include leaving to soak, chill or rest for over an hour. If you have something that needs to be whipped up fast for dinner night, then it's just not going to work! (That's why we always suggest having Gookie Dough for dessert, quick and easy).  

Winging it and not being precise 

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You can't make up a recipe as you go along because nine times out of ten, the result won't be what you wanted and nowhere near as good. The reason there is a set amount of ingredients is that is what works best, and it will have to be trialled and tested before. Baking is science, and you can't mess with chemistry, golden rule! A pure example is if a recipe states to use salted butter, then don't use unsalted. If you're going to rebel then don't even bother following the recipe! 

Not preheating properly

When it comes to cooking and baking, you're asked to preheat the oven as the first step because if the oven isn't hot enough when the product is put in, then it won't have a good outcome. Biscuits will not rise, cakes won't be cooked through, and it'll be a disaster! It's also a good idea to invest in an oven thermometer which you pop inside of the oven to ensure that the temperature is correct.  

Not preparing the ingredient beforehand 

Now, I know it may not seem like the worst thing in the world, and I'm guilty of this habit but having things chopped, measured and ready makes the recipe ten times easier and quicker. There's nothing worse than being halfway through melting chocolate and realising you haven't even measured out the milk, let alone adding it to the mixture. It's tedious, but you'll be thankful in the end! 

Sounds simple because it is! Common sense is the key to getting the best dish in the world so just think before you act!