Favourite Snacks You Had No Idea Were Vegan

Vegan is all the trend, whether you agree with this diet or not, it's impossible not to read about it or at least attempt it. Personally, for me, it almost seems impossible. All the delicious things in life contain everything that is anti-vegan, which yes, is a little upsetting. However, what you may not have known are the following snacks that are surprisingly vegan. 


The most loved biscuit of all time which is found in everything. On another note, shouldn't it be in Gookie Dough by now? The creamy centre completely tricks our minds and seems to be some kind of magic because they're dairy-free!


The most moreish, buttery, creamy, delicious cracker of all time. However, it certainly doesn't contain any butter! What's better than that?

Cadbury Bournville 

No child likes dark chocolate. I feel as if that is an ultimate fact. It's the same with coffee; it's seen as disgusting until you hit your late teens or early twenties. Bournville is, however, the king of dark chocolate and definitely satisfies the cravings in a slightly healthier fashion. 

Beef & Tomato Pot Noodle 

The real and quite scary question is if it's not meat then what is it, exactly? We can't argue with the label, I guess?!

Reese's Shell Topping 

Hallelujah! I don't think anyone can live without Reese's, the peanut buttery goodness is the key to our hearts so this hard shell topping makes ice cream that more worthwhile. Of course, vegan ice cream!

What are your favourite vegan snacks?